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Can a Middle-Man Actually Reduce Costs?

What if MOOCs and traditional institutions worked together to address the two biggest problems facing US higher education: completion rates and student loan debt?

In College Tuition, Higher Education, MOOCs, Oct 27, 2017


It’s hard to have a discussion about higher education in America without quickly falling into a debate about cost, access, the achievement gap, student debt, and administrative bloat....

In College Tuition, Higher Education, Apr 30, 2017

Policy as Protectionism

As a higher education administrator, I feel safe under the umbrella of policy and procedure. Whether it’s responding to a campus emergency, relaying information to a parent or family ...

In Policy Analysis, Apr 19, 2017

Higher Education and the Trump Administration: Is there Anything Institutions can do to Protect their Undocumented Students?

With the election of Donald Trump, colleges and universities now find themselves facing an unanticipated, but very real and very urgent problem: the deportation of undocumented students.

In Policy Analysis, Dec 23, 2016

Trump's Higher Education Plan's not Bad, but it's not Great either

On October 19th, Donald Trump finally broke his silence on the issue of the cost of higher education.

In College Tuition, Policy Analysis, Oct 29, 2016

5 Myths Behind the Rising Cost of College in America: Part 5

As the four previous articles in this series demonstrate, running a college is not an easy or inexpensive venture, and fixing the problem of the cost of college requires more than one...

In College Tuition, Aug 30, 2016

5 Myths Behind the Rising Cost of College in America: Part 4

A quick search for “paying for college” will result in a number of websites claiming to reveal the secrets behind lowering the cost higher education. Their magic bullet? The net price...

In College Tuition, Aug 24, 2016

Does Tuition-Free College Really Solve the Student Debt Crisis?

While I’m finishing up myths 4 and 5 behind the rising cost of college, let’s explore a popular, yet controversial, idea that is shaping the 2016 Presidential Election: free college f...

In College Tuition, Policy Analysis, Aug 18, 2016

5 Myths Behind the Rising Cost of College in America: Part 3

The centerpiece of the conversation regarding the increasing cost of college in America is student loans. All things considered, student loans are quite a risky business. Banks and th...

In College Tuition, Aug 13, 2016

5 Myths Behind the Rising Cost of College in America: Part 2

You would be hard pressed to find anyone who disagrees with the statement that college cost have risen significantly in the past few years. How we got to the point where an average ye...

In College Tuition, Aug 10, 2016